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With four children between us, aged 9 to 15, we found ourselves trying to navigate through a sea of pro’s and con’s around the provision of smartphones and tablets.  So we started to gather some research on this subject.  As well as the good, it also led us to some shocking discoveries about children's unsupervised access online, in particular access to free internet porn.

Even when not online, children get exposed to porn.  But in today’s world, the availability of this is now instant, at the touch of a button, anywhere, any time.  Not accidentally stumbled upon in the pages of a ‘Playboy’ magazine under dad’s bed.  


Exposure is starting as young as 4 years old. Whether through naivety, by accident or curiosity, our children are finding it.  Even more frightening, our children are modelling the things they see.

It seems we could be risking our children and adolescents replacing lovemaking and connection with hardcore, degrading and violent porn acts, not to mention other effects such as porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, blurred sexual boundary lines and at the most extreme, a rise in child on child violent sexual abuse, being linked to online porn access.

It's been said there's a Tsunami coming, we believe it's already here.

Our Kids Online: The Porn Epidemic is the story of our journey across New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK and Ireland, talking to experts and real people whose lives have been affected by this topic in a bid to find out more about the true cost of unsupervised internet access and, the level of frank and open discussions we need to be having with our children both at home and in the education system.


Due for Release: 2020




As we journey through this topic, learning, meeting people and filming, we'd like to share some information with you we think you might find helpful. 



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