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Rob and Zareen are the co-founders and directors of Hazardous Journey Productions Limited.

The couple, married on NYE 2018, both share a lifelong passion to understand the human condition and share their learning to help others.


In 2017, they decided to put their skills, knowledge and passion and work on a joint project - making documentaries and short films.

Together, they work in all stages of the filmmaking process. 




Rob is the joint owner, director and producer of Hazardous Journey Productions.


He is also the founder of Project Wildman, established to help men learn how to communicate more effectively in their daily lives, reduce anger, anxiety and depression.

In addition to founding Project Wildman, Rob is the author of 'Men Wanted For Hazardous Journey' an insightful book that questions the current model of manhood and the journey of men through manhood.

In 2014, following a hitchhiking tour with a fridge across New Zealand to raise awareness of the issues covered in his book, Rob gave a TEDx talk - Men Wanted for Hazardous Journey.

In early 2016, Rob once again took his hitchhiking thumb and fridge and travelled from San Fransisco to New York.

You can find out more about Rob here.



Zareen is the joint owner and producer of Hazardous Journey Productions.

She is the author of 'The Tiny Life Guru', a beginners guide or refresher looking at some of the ways we work as humans.  Zareen is also a motivational speaker, specialising in understanding trauma and the importance of emotional resilience -


She holds a qualification in trauma management, is a qualified personal life coach and is undertaking a psychology degree.


In addition to study and years of research, Zareen has lived amongst and worked with a diverse range of people, including some of the wealthiest people in the world, alcoholics, drug addicts, in the psychology office of department of corrections, on a litigation team and on an oncology ward with terminally ill cancer patients.

You can find out more about Zareen here.

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